We consider empathy as one of our core values & all our decisions are driven by it. We believe in the power of education, equality, inclusivity, work & life balance. To make a contribution to the society is high on the list of our priorities. We have Internal & External goals to create a positive impact and be the change

“Mindfulness, awareness to nature &
people are the only way forward…”

Our vision is to build and run an ethical organization on the principles of transparency,
accountability and honesty for environmentally sustainable growth, while delivering high value to
our customers and creating opportunities for our employees.


  • Our goal: To use 100% renewable energy by 2024
  • Our initiative: We are fully invested in solar energy from conception to future expansion of our facility in Vietnam and solar power takes centre stage.
  • Our achievements: Currently around 85% of our energy is generated from the sun.

External source of
Power per month

3,483 KW

Solar generated
Power per month

19,373 KW


  • Our goal: To have 33% land area reserved for green cover, trees, organic vegetables and a nursery.
  • Our initiative: We envision an exercise and relaxation area full of trees and greenery. We further envision an organic garden and a nursery.
  • Our achievements: We now have around 40% green area reserved and in process to be greener by the day. We will achieve our goal of a nursery and organic garden by 2023. Reception and offices are filled with plants to elevate the mood of our teams.


  • Our goal: We harvest maximum rain water for landscape maintenance, the kitchen, and the washroom.
  • Our initiative: We invested into an underground storage tank of 240 cubic meters & a pumping system which would serve to conserve water for years to come.
  • Our achievements: 50% of our water needs are fulfilled from recycling & rain water harvesting.

Rain water storage capacity


Recycle water storage capacity


Water consumptions per month



  • Our goal: We recycle & re-use 100% of water leaving our facilities.
  • Our initiative: We invested in a system which recycles water from our kitchen, toilets, stores & then distributes the water again for daily use in toilets.
  • Our achievements: Currently 80% of water is recycled for daily usage in the washrooms and toilets.

Water consumptions per day


Water recycling per day


Recycle water storage capacity



  • Our goal: Zero use of single-use plastic.
  • Our initiative: We educated and counselled our team members to avoid using single-use plastic. We gave glass bottles for drinking water to all our employees.
  • Our achievements: So far, we have seen a reduction in use of plastic bottles in our offices but we are still far from our aim of “zero” use. We are striving every day to achieve it.


  • Our goal: to plant 1 tree for each 20 employees.
  • Our initiative: to kick start the process we have already planted many trees. We plan to integrate these trees into team building initiatives by creating an annual coconut harvesting festival and a picnic where teams can come together and honor what these trees give to us.
  • Our achievements: we already planted around 60 trees which far exceeds our goal based on our current staff numbers.


  • Our goal: To grow organic vegetables for internal consumption by our workforce.
  • Our initiative: We will begin planting organic vegetables like tomatoes, lettuce, arugla and gourds from the Spring of2023. This will be part of our free daily lunch provided to all our employees.
  • Our achievements: We aim to achieve this goal in the Spring of 2023.


  • Our Goal: To start a sustainability awareness day to educate all employees about sustainability.
  • Our initiative: We are currently in the process of scripting & planning an environmental awareness day every year. Here our teams will learn about what carbon footprint is and how, as a team and as an individual, we can lower it to zero.
  • Our achievements: We aim to achieve this goal in the Spring of 2023.


  • Our Goal: To recycle any kind of waste that leaves our factory.
  • Our initiative: We are in the process of collaborating with a waste management company called “evergreen lab”, which will collect everyday plastic waste from our premises and recycle it for better use.
  • Our achievements: We aim to achieve this goal in 2023.


  • Our goal: To achieve 100% of the apparel we manufacture to be made from biodegradable and sustainable material by 2024.
  • Our initiative: We encourage and educate all our customers about circularity in fashion.
  • We promote the use of sustainable fabrics like organic cotton, bci cotton, tencel, modal, cupro, seawool, kapok, recycled polyester etc.
  • We encourage the use of sustainable trims like corozo buttons, coconut shell buttons, seashell buttons, recyclable bags and papers.
  • Our achievements: With our efforts and global awareness, 75% of the fabrics being used at Cortex are biodegradable and sustainable.


We welcome your thoughts, ideas and opinions on our ongoing work